There was an article in Design Week recently about the rebrand of Nando’s restaurant chain. It’s a very interesting and well-written article and it got us thinking about the importance of a rebrand like this and whether it is worth the money. I don’t know what they paid for their rebrand, but I am sure it wasn’t cheap, and took months of hard work for the agency, Sunshinegun, to complete.

See it here:

At NU Creative, we are often approached to rebrand or ‘refresh’ companies, but there is often a misconception from the client about how much time this takes and how much budget they will need in order to complete this to a high standard. The common request is something like ‘we want to update the look of our marketing materials’ or ‘we want to modernise our logo but we don’t want to alienate our audience’. Both of these are rebrands in my opinion and a certain amount of budget is required. It means looking at the branding as a whole in order to work consistently with each other and deliver the correct brand message.

We believe rebranding or ‘refreshing’ (or varying levels of it) is incredibly important throughout a company’s lifecycle, and one that all business owners should consider. (In fact, we are rebranding ourselves as we speak). This could mean a complete overhaul, just developing the look and feel of marketing and communications collateral (Nando’s moved from the sticks and pots to a modern African pattern, for example) or developing the brand identity (Nando’s tidied up their logo to give cleaner lines, introduced the Peri red pantone and had the bespoke ‘Nando’s Hand’ font developed for them), and looking at strategy and brand experience .


Ultimately it all depends on your budget, timelines and proposed outcome. Rebrands are big business and many large organisations will spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pounds engaging with agencies to take them through this process. It delves into strategy, perception, experience and visual language. It is lengthy and involved. So in this respect, for those companies with the budgets to be able to do so at such a detailed level, it will never be a waste of money. The expertise of designers, strategists, marketeers and researchers (to name but a few professions involved here) will allow the revelation of a rebrand that will immediately make a difference to them (as Nando’s has).

But this does not mean that smaller businesses cannot be offered the same experience and ultimate results. A rebrand can be undertaken on a smaller scale and can be very successful. The key is to establish a budget, decide where you want your brand to go and speak to a smaller agency (like us!). An evolving brand is vitally important to allow your brand to grow and compete, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth to accomplish this.