“Learn from what you see”. Yes, it’s not the most original phrase, but when you see it applied by amazing designer’s this phrase takes on a whole new meaning. I have put together a list of designers, photographers and artists that use everyday life as a form of inspiration for their beautiful works.

Christoph Niemann


Christoph Niemann is an illustrator, artist, and author. His work has appeared on the cover of The New Yorker, WIRED and The New York Times Magazine. Apart from the beautiful magazine covers, every Sunday on his Facebook page and Instagram account he uploads some sketches (Sunday sketches). The peculiarity of this sketches is that he combines something designed on paper with an every day object like a pen, a rubber, a tea bag etc… What amazes me is how simple the result is, but how much creativity he puts into every single one. I would definitely recommend following him on Facebook and Instagram to get inspired.

Steven Scott


Steven Scott is a London based director and illustrator. I simply love the details on each illustration! You need more than a couple of minutes to appreciate and discover every single detail on every scene.

Maria Svarbova


Maria Svarbova is a Slovenian photographer and winner of the International Photography Awards 2016. She studied archeology and restoration but she immediately understood that her artistic medium was photography. Maria transforms each scene with a modern freshness that highlights the depth and range of her creative palette. The human body throughout her oeuvre is more or less a peripheral afterthought, often portrayed as aloof and demure rather than substantive. Carefully composed figures create thematic, dream-like scenes with ordinary objects. Her images hold a silent tension that hints at emergent possibilities under the lilt of clean and smooth surfaces.