Why we make our cleaning rota look beautiful

We chat a lot in the studio. We talk about food, films, and designing our latest cleaning rota. As I type this blog, I have made sure I am using the most appropriate font (Museo for those that want to know), the correct brand colours (the NU Creative .ase file) and good leading, tracking and paragraph spacing. But why did I do this? No one else will see this blog draft, why waste the time? The truth is, my eyes cant bear the sight of black Times New Roman 12pt text. It offends my senses. This applies to everything I see as I go about my daily life. Shop signs are illuminated branding failures, that drainpipe has a funny “design”, and why can’t they use nice colours on that newly-built block of flats? So when Karen, my desk neighbour and all-round brilliant designer told me she felt the need to design her flat cleaning rota, just so it looked acceptable to put on the fridge, I understood.

We are designers, in every sense of the word. We are vocal about what does and doesn’t look good, and we will all too readily go above and beyond to correct it. Our design training is intertwined with every one of our six senses and we know what we are talking about!

cleaning rota

Design is one of those subjects that is never off the table. Everyone has an opinion and people who aren’t designers think it something that everyone can do. This is not true. In my opinion, it takes training, hard work and passion to become a good designer and, when you are one, it will filter through every part of your life, including doing the dishes!

Here at NU Creative, we would love to see anything you have designed just for the hell of it!