Bebas Neue



Bebas Neue is sans serif font family and was developed by designer Ryoichi Tsunekawa of Dharma Type and it features as our Font of the Month for February.

It’s free which is always a bonus but it is also undeniably flexible, especially with the introduction of the Thin”, “Light”, “Book” and “Regular” stroke widths. However, I’m always drawn back to good old “Bold”. It’s lines are clean and commanding which makes it an ideal headline typeface and it doesn’t fall into the trap of being too quirky or fashionable that gives it a longevity that can be used for an array of clients be them corporate or casual. It’s popularity has become exponential to the point that it has been dubbed the “Helvetica of the free fonts”, it has now become an old faithful in which to rely on and a staple typeface in many designer’s collections, my own collegue calls it a “dream”. The only contention Bebas causes in this office is it’s pronounciation, some say it like “bee-bas” and then there are the lunatics who profess that it is in fact “beb-as”.