Spring has sprung – almost, we’re still waiting for ‘jacket weather’ to become ‘sweater weather’ – and once again Easter is upon us.


Like most designers, we’re suckers for a nice bit of packaging, clever presentation or an original take on a classic product. We’re also suckers for a good bit of chocolate! So in the name of research we’ve headed out to the chocolate-loaded streets to find our pick of the bunch.

We’ve asked the creative team to pick one or two eggs they love and tell us why.


Laura’s Crafty Chocolate Eraser Egg

  • It’s crafty! And we are desiiiiiiignerrrrs that are ALWAYS without erasers!
  • Erasers are carefully sourced from around the world.
  • Gorgeous simplistic packaging – nice use of pattern and easter colours.
  • Dark chocolate – the ONLY chocolate worth eating.

Jake’s Egg With Legs

  • You get an egg cup to keep for life.
  • Big fan of Mary Rose Young.
  • It looks kind of funny, in a cool way.

Liam’s Egg Sandwich

  • Love an egg sandwich and chocolate but this takes it to another level.
  • Can I get away with eating this for lunch?
  • I hope it doesn’t taste like egg. Ew.

Sarah’s Cardboard Blue Bunny

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Really cute!
  • Not only is it on-point from a visual perspective (who doesn’t love a bunny right?) but its plastic free…2 birds/1 stone.
  • This company have tonnes of fabulous Easter eggs.

Sarah’s Ikea Flat Pack Bunny

  • I think this is flat pack genius.
  • I love the way it is so targeted for the Ikea customer.
  • Nice simple design with modern colours too.
  • Bargain!

Steph’s Imperial Centenary Egg

  • Being Northern, a big fan of Betty’s.
  • Beautiful intricate piping.
  • Lovely soft contrasting colours that enhances every detail of the design.
  • Containing over five kilos of Grand Cru Swiss chocolate – should last a little while – like maybe a day.

Tim’s Colossal Egg

  • Because it’s 1.4kg of chocolate!
  • It has FIVE eggs.
  • It love the concept of eggs inside other eggs (like a Russian doll).

Janine’s Ombre Artisan Egg

  • Insanely satisfying ombre.
  • Minimalist packaging.
  • They remind me of dip dyeing eggs as a kid.

Jimmy’s Classic Cadbury Creme Egg

  • Iconic and instant nostalgia inducing packaging.
  • No gimmicks, does what it says on the tin.
  • Seeing cream eggs popping up in shops is a reminder for all that Easter is coming. Like the Coca-cola advert for Christmas.

Victoria’s Hard-Boiled Mint Egg

  • Inspired by a trip to the Tate Modern, the shape pulls from the popular low poly recent trend.
  • Mint chocolate, ultimate flavour combination.

Liam’s Avocado Egg

  • It takes the world’s obsession with avocados to new heights.
  • Green chocolate looks odd but hey it’s still chocolate.
  • It’s still a super food, right?!

Karen’s Dragon Eggs

  • I love these because hello, dragons!?
  • Funky colours and great attention to detail
  • Super cheap and cheerful

So there we have it! Chocolate egg galore.

Happy Easter everyone!