AMRC is a national membership organisation of leading medical and health research charities. They help members achieve their charitable objectives by connecting them with research environments to encourage collaboration and shared learning. We were chosen to design and develop a new CMS website. This would act as a central hub for a range of online services provided by AMRC to its members, the medical research profession and to the general public at large.

The website was to be designed in keeping with the AMRC brand. In addition, the requirements included the development of custom integration with four third party applications, a searchable document library, the enabling of social media integration and a data visualisation tool.

We developed a fully responsive site using Drupal open-source software via a mobile-first methodology. The site integrated with digital services used by AMRC, including SalesForce, MailChimp, HighCharts and EventBrite. A data visualisation library was developed to create dynamic charts, allowing administrators to upload csv files from member-drawn data. Apache Solr was installed on the AMRC server to automatically index the content from each document uploaded to the website’s library.

A clean, centre-column page architecture teamed with line icons allowed the content to be displayed in an accessible, easy-to-read way. The blue of the primary brand palette was used as the main colour throughout the site, with the secondary palette shades used for accent lines and boxes.

The website was extremely well received both internally and externally. The offering of a robust workflow process for administrators, editors and contributors alike provided the functionality of varied permissions and roles, allowing site administrators more control over access. One of the most positive changes was the integration of the site with third-party software. This greatly reduced AMRC employees’ workloads requiring no additional training or software.

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