The Make Sense campaign is a multidisciplinary initiative by the European Head and Neck Society (EHNS) which aims to raise awareness of head and neck cancer symptoms in order to drive earlier presentation, diagnosis and referral. We were invited by healthcare consultants, Axon Communications to create a strong visual identity for the campaign which would both educate and drive understanding of head and neck cancer, whilst maintaining an element of informality.

The deliverables initially included branding and marketing materials which later extended to a full suite of event materials and a responsive website. We worked closely with Axon to create a logo and a small marketing piece to ensure the campaign’s goals were met prior to rolling out the branding across all products and platforms. The visual identity comprised of a sensitive colour palette of blue, burgundy and grey following the ENHS brand.

We were provided with a series of statistics around head and neck cancer which we developed into a bold infographic communication style, combined with a clever typography to grab the reader’s attention. Limited text enabled strong messages to be conveyed, graphically describing the facts around the symptoms and preventatives of head and neck cancer in a consistent tone. A series of infographical and illustrative elements provided options for use within a particular product, dependent on its intended audience. For industry directed materials, we keep the designed elements simple on a white background to allow for key messages to be displayed in a clear, concise way.

The campaign was well received by both industry representatives and wider groups, providing a space for medical experts to come together and share their expertise ultimately improving outcomes for patients.



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