As a design partner to Axon Communications, we were invited to produce business and consumer materials in a two-phase product launch. The product was a revolutionary new contraceptive tool that medical professionals and the wider consumer had little to no knowledge of. The goal of phase one was to inform the medical profession of the benefits and instill confidence in those who would ultimately be prescribing the product. The second phase was consumer facing; we needed to communicate the benefits of the Nuvaring to new audiences who used more traditional contraceptive methods.

The design for the phase one B2B communications was centred around a corporate look and feel, with the aim of delivering information in a clear, concise way. The deliverables for this phase of the campaign were postcards, pull up banners, HTML emails and a doctor / patient PDF tool.

Phase two of the project was marketing communications for the consumer audience; women residing in the UK aged 18 to 30 who may have had entrenched views around contraception. The brief was to produce fun, engaging materials that would offer a lighthearted tone to the product FAQs. We created a Myths and Facts brochure and infographics in a comic book style with a superhero character, aptly named NuvaWoman. She represented a strong, modern, straight-talking woman unafraid of change.

All elements of the Nuvawoman comic style were created in-house through a thorough process of sketching, colour palette development and typography with continuous review and input from the client.

After the release of the first materials we created a supporting comic-style infographic. This combined a medical style of illustration with the previous comic-style, and contained practical information on Nuvaring’s application.

Both phases were successful in their purpose, providing key information in a visually engaging way through B2B and B2C communications. Merck released a worldwide sales figure of over $40 billion for Nuvaring in 2016.

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