Scan-Leaf was a new organisation created to allow greater data sharing around the treatment, results and patient health of people suffering from non-small cell lung cancer in the Scandinavian countries. The new system of data sharing was developed to improve both pre and post diagnosis treatment, as well as the diagnosis process itself, creating a more consistent experience for patients and better quality information for the practitioners.


We were invited by healthcare consultants Axon Communications to create a clean, fresh identity for the new brand, drawing upon the Scandinavian sense of simplicity and minimalism. It was also important for the organisations brand to follow the obvious use of leaf imagery as it was felt that this did not reflect the nature of the organisation.

We worked closely with Axon to ensure that the concept stages of the project honed in on the specific requirements of the client in order to benefit both patients and healthcare practitioners.  We focused on design routes that embodied ideas of data sharing, data streaming, health and prosperity, with key themes being; positivity, futuristic, modernity, hope and specialisation.

We took an abstract approach to the standard shape and make-up of the lung, creating a geometric pattern overlay to portray a strong sense of data sharing. Lepidoptera derived scale-like features humanised the design linking to the ideas of positivity, hope and life. The colour palette of rich teals was used as a tonal effect, keeping with the simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian design.

The initial response to the concepts was extremely positive and a logo was selected immediately. From this we developed a presentation document for the group to use for internal use.

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