Following a successful creative bid with Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC), we were chosen as a new creative partner and invited to design and develop their employee handbook. The tender process required the submission of a design concept so we adopted a crisp, two-tier navigation presentation with bold graphics, which was well received by the council. This concept was progressed further as the project moved into the design development stage.

Buckinghamshire County Council wanted their tone of voice to be friendly, and personable throughout the handbook, reflecting them as people focussed employers.

The content contained essential employee information around systems and protocols, therefore it was imperative that each subject was arranged in a clear and concise way. It was also important for the handbook to be easy to navigate, searchable and cost-effective, and our recommendation – to distribute the booklet via an HTML email – was an extremely effective, simple and inexpensive way of achieving this.

In order to personalise the content and bring the handbook to life, we adopted a bespoke illustration style, pastel palette and bold typography throughout the design. This

presented the content in a visually engaging way and provided a consistent tone of voice – approachable, trusted and friendly. In addition, we created a clean, easy to use navigation system which adhered to regulations around accessibility.

The project life span was six months from concept to completion, and the end result was a visually impactful, modern and highly functional document, which was well received and commended by employees and key stakeholders within BCC. We have continued as Buckinghamshire County Council’s design partner of choice on creative briefs and documentation throughout 2016 and into 2017.

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