Bone IQ is a campaign to improve general knowledge around osteoporosis. We were invited by healthcare consultants Axon Communications to create three concepts based on a ‘Save the date’ email using content and images provided by the client.

The client wanted to create a deliverable similar to a game or a puzzle. We produced a word search puzzle with words relating to osteoporosis hidden among the main body of letters. The idea was to promote a kind of ‘intelligence quiz’ approach to understanding osteoporosis. A clean two colour design gave a strong identity to the brand along with the sketchy time and board game style logo. We also created an infographic aimed to help raise awareness levels among healthcare professionals and women in regards to osteoporosis and fracture risk. This continued the strong two colour theme and word search elements to create a consistent look across all of the materials.

In addition, we produced several other materials for the campaign – a postcard (save the date) and a USB twist key packaged box containing a Bone IQ toolkit.

The splash page and infographics were repurposed into 10 different languages for international usage at events around the world.

The campaign was extremely well received by both the client and the osteoporosis network of professionals and patients, displaying information in a clear and interesting way, improving general knowledge around the disease.

“We have just received the print proofs of the post card, thank you for organising these, we think they look fantastic!...Really appreciate yours and the team’s fast and high quality work with this!”

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