Each year we use our Christmas card as an opportunity to showcase our capabilities. This year we decided to create an online game with a print teaser as our Christmas card. The inspiration for the game was helping Santa to construct presents in his workshop. Toy parts would travel down the screen on conveyor belts, and the user would assemble presents by dragging the component pieces of the toy together. So, to make a teddy bear the user would drag the head and legs onto the bear’s body, before it disappeared off the end of the conveyor belt.

We had discussion sessions to explore the game’s mechanics. We drew a wireframe of the screens and scamps of the graphics prior to the build in order to ensure the look and feel was developing in the right direction. To complete the game before Christmas we collaborated closely across the business and created and refined the illustrations and designs while the code for the game was being developed. To hone our skills, the game was developed from scratch and did not rely on any third-party frameworks or game engines. We built the game board and all of the pieces on it to automatically resize to best fit the user’s screen regardless of its proportions.

Delivering the game online meant it was vital to optimise its efficiency. To save memory we built the game within an HTML5 Canvas and used timing loops, sprite sheets and SVG graphics. Sub-pixel rendering was avoided to boost performance further.                               We launched the game with a marketing campaign including HTML emails, social media posts, and four illustrated postcards which were mailed out to clients and contacts.

We had extremely positive feedback from clients, some of whom admitted to getting addicted to the game. Our clients shared the game with family and friends and it was played in 18 countries across the globe. The analytics show that the game was very engaging. The average user played several times, averaging over 5 minutes per session. A significant number played for over half an hour in a single visit.

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