Following our rebrand of Enfield Presents and its family of core venues, we were invited to create a new magazine to bring collectivity to the brands. The eponymously named Enfield Presents magazine needed to solidify each venue’s new brand while introducing Enfield Presents as the vibrant cultural hub of the London Borough of Enfield.

Enfield, situated in North London, is a hub of sporting and cultural events including large-scale festivals, family days, contemporary art exhibitions, comedy shows and theatre.

Our goal was to create a modern, newsy, feature-filled listings magazine that would elevate interest and give a fresh platform to the events taking place in Millfield, Forty Hall, the Dugdale, Active Enfield, the Museum of Enfield and Enfield Festivals. The magazine would be used to enhance the individual messaging of each sub-brand and to create a unifying voice as the collective of Enfield Presents. It was important that the energetic, community spirit of Enfield events was evident throughout, as well as creating a design that showcased the content in a visually engaging way. We undertook a detailed conceptual design process to reach the right balance between the venues and Enfield Presents own brand language to produce a coherent, easy-to-follow page architecture.

A colour palette of red, green and black and the Enfield Presents ‘star’ was used throughout the main sections of the magazine to give consistency. The colour palette and house style of each sub brand was introduced through the related articles and listings to provide a key to navigate to each section. The end result was a visually impactful, informative magazine, showcasing each of the brands key events in a clear, concise way. The magazine was heavily promoted within Enfield encouraging both community members and the general public to attend events and classes.

The magazine was posted to 20k mailing list addresses, with an overall distribution of 200k copies, in addition to targeted distributions across London and Hertfordshire. After two weeks in publication the magazine had 1,252 reads online.

The magazine had an overall distribution of 200K copies throughout the Enfield region. After two weeks in publication the magazine had 1,252 reads online.

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