Trade shows can be great platforms create a strong impression, build brand recognition and connect with potential leads. However, conventional show setups can make it tough for your booth to get attention. JLT knew that they needed to get traffic to their booth for their team to have valuable conversations.

JLT approached us to build a game that would attract visitors and encourage them to stay. The JLT Network operates in over 135 countries, making it one of the largest such insurance broking networks in the world. They wanted the game to highlight their representative in each region so the game emphasised their operating model.


We built a map based game for JLT. The game randomly selects a country in which they operate and asks the visitor to find it on the map. If the correct country is chosen the user gets maximum points for that round. If the wrong country is chosen a line animates between the selected country and the country they were asked to find. The closer the guess was, the shorter the line will be and the more points the user receives. When a country is selected the JLT representative there is highlighted.

A leaderboard was used to create a competition with the highest scorers winning prizes, which also made it easier to collect contact information from the visitors.

The game created a great atmosphere as colleagues competed against one another. We developed the trade show game within a tight timeframe.

The JLT team were delighted with the results; it helped them stand out from their competitors and created a buzz. As visitors gathered at the stand, it created a comfortable atmosphere in which worthwhile conversations were easier to initiate.

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