JWZ works with organisations across the UK to help define their long-term goals and strategies for growth, whether they be organic, attracting investors, merging or simply ensuring the business has strong foundations. JWZ gives small and medium sized enterprises across the UK specialist expertise and practical tools that are usually reserved for larger global companies. JWZ’s existing brand was no longer serving their aspirational and forward thinking business outlook, and an opportunity to partner with a multinational professional services network required a fresh image.

The brief was to create a brand and website that would modernize JWZ and create a highly impactful online presence. It was important for the company’s image to reflect their forward-thinking, growth-focused business model, and to create a strong merger with their well-established partner company.

We worked with JWZ to create a vibrant logo and colour palette which would differentiate them from their industry competitors and create an online presence that would be instantly recognisable across all social platforms. We used a lively colour palette of bold pink, lime green and teal to create an aspirational look and feel, and three circular overlapping shapes to show unity and the importance of working together, whilst maintaining a professional first impression.

Based on the open source Drupal CMS platform, the responsive site featured an integrated Twitter feed and used RSS aggregation to populate the site’s news areas with articles written by their associates. When vertical scrolling the logo and menu contracted to make best use of the screens real estate, and a mobile friendly menu was introduced for small screen sizes.

The new brand is now in line with a more contemporary business communication model as well as JWZ’s own strategies for business development and growth. The rebrand has been extremely well received both internally and externally, engaging the media savvy target market and bringing new business to the company.

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