The MPSII campaign was developed to educate specialist physicians about MPSII, a rare genetic disorder called Hunters Syndrome in order to effectively diagnose and treat patients. The treatment of Hunters Sydrome is a life-long replacement therapy, which creates a working or whole synthetic x-chromosome. The sponsoring company Shire wanted to focus the campaign on raising awareness of the disease and its treatment with their drug Elaprase, which is currently the only approved drug on the market.

We were invited by healthcare consultants Axon Communications to produce a series of materials for the annual MPSII Masterclass, an educational training event consisting of two meetings. We developed branding for the campaign which reflected Shire’s leadership in MPSII across both research and treatment.

The final logo focuses on the role of modern science in a replacement therapy treatment for MPSII, bringing to the forefront the concept of missing and replacement in a simple typographic way. We focused on dynamic colours, both scientific and acute, solidifying a formal tone of voice and the credibility of the scientific community as leaders in the field of research and treatment.

In addition to the event branding, we also produced templates for Word, Powerpoint and email to enable the community to effectively communicate and promote the event within their own organisations and regions.

The campaign materials were well received by the sponsoring company Shire, and specialist medical practitioners. The campaign took a formal approach, which gained a high level of support from physicians and raised awareness of the disease and treatment with the drug Elaprase.

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