Mummy’s Gin Fund was founded by Helen Hamston in 2013 as a Facebook group for locals looking to buy and sell baby gear and share information about events within the community. Having already achieved huge success in a small time, MGF’s founder approached us to create a brand, website and marketing materials to take the organisation to the next level. This would allow Helen to have more autonomy over how the group operated and give the brand visibility throughout London and the South East.

As a small start-up, Helen worked closely with us to map out the MGF vision to create longevity for the brand. The concept behind the name came from an iconic style of 50’s housewife humour and played into the energy behind working mums’ lives today. We followed this style whole-heartedly with an iconic retro biker-style brand mark and the development of a homespun website to encourage members to use the site as a first point for information. We used a colour palette of teal, cherry pink and pale yellow, and secondary graphical elements of checked patterns to compliment the 50’s style.

From here, we developed a responsive website using a bespoke CMS within a boxed-model layout, to allow the use of secondary graphical elements and colour palettes to cement the playful tone of the brand. A range of merchandise was developed including lapel pins and tote bags to give members a tangible connection to the community and provide visibility of the brand.

Mummy’s Gin Fund is now the go-to parenting website for London and the South East, following the launch of the website and a hugely successful online campaign reach of 1 million. The group now has 21,000 members, providing services to the community including fundraising for families in need, donating to survivors of domestic violence and helping connect individuals with offers of help. MGF is now a social enterprise, with some profits being reinvested into the community in various forms including workshops, parenting related classes and buddying schemes.

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