With overcrowding and traffic jams plaguing the city, the Brighton and Hove City Council made a bid to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, to deliver a campaign to local organisations and the wider community to reduce congestion. The bid was successful and a partnership with the consultancy Peter Brett Associates LLP involved the employment and training of travel advisors to drive change. The PTP campaign was devised to encourage individuals to consider their choices and commit to try new modes of transport in an effort to reduce traffic and congestion in the city centre. It was important for the campaign not to exclude a particular transport user, or place any ‘blame’ on a certain group, instead being inclusive of all people and their situations.

We worked closely with Peter Brett Associates to develop several concepts which followed the existing brand guidelines of the Brighton & Hove Council, but also pushed the boundaries to create eye-catching designs aimed at a broader demographic. The campaign focused on the tagline ‘One Journey Better – Try something new’, encouraging residents to share their current journey mode to win a £100 voucher.

We teamed the existing council graphics with their vibrant colour palette to create striking artworks which would attract attention and be instantly recognisable as a specific campaign.

Bold, striking serif typography portrayed a feeling of accessibility and community. It was important for the campaign to be relatable and personable, which was achieved through the use of open, outward facing imagery of friendly faces in a natural environment.

The campaign was extremely successful, and created a dialogue within the local community around the best means of travel particularly during peak hours. The travel advisors offered key information for business employees and the campaign greatly reduced the amount of congestion in Brighton and Hove city.

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