Portcullis Security (now Cisco International Ltd.) was a privately-held UK consultancy company providing cybersecurity services to enterprise clients and the government sector. Portcullis delivered a comprehensive portfolio of security services including web application assessments, network penetration testing and incident response.

Portcullis Security was a high-tech security firm but its roots were in traditional security. The company had evolved as a close-knit unit relying on reputation and word of mouth for its continued success. Portcullis approached us to develop a new look and feel for the brand and to create a product suite of brochures that they could use as a new business tool. The brief was to keep the company’s logo which has been with them since inception but to bring in a fresher look and feel to accompany this.

We used the solid downward bars of the portcullis to create a strong graphic device that implied something hidden and protected. The ability to see through the bars also referenced Portcullis Security’s proactive response to network penetration testing, acting as spies themselves in order to discover their client’s security weak points.

We developed a palette which reflected the various aspects of their business offering and displayed this through the portcullis-style graphic device over large image areas on the brochures covers. This approach unified the product suite in style but allowed differentiation in areas of expertise.

We used a strong, clean font suite of Hypatia and Corbert to provide a modern, legible page architecture.

The refresh was extremely well received by the business and clients, propelling the company to a higher visibility status whilst maintaining their historically positive reputation.

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