Southern Housing Group is among the largest and oldest housing associations in the UK, managing 28,000 homes for over 66,000 residents in London and England’s south east. 

Southern Housing wanted to market themselves towards an elderly audience, without the risk of isolating or patronising the over 55’s. We worked closely with the association to create a series of concepts and campaign materials around housing that was traditionally ‘Hard to Let’.

It was important that the concepts were not only attractive to over 55’s but that they stood out against a saturated market of competitors. We wanted to create something that people would see and relate to; a possibility, a dream of a new home, of making something your own, a fresh start. 


We developed estate boards for each of the five regions in which Southern Housing operates in addition to posters and advert templates which could then be edited by the teams for each region. 


Working within the group’s brand guidelines we created a series of custom illustrations for use in the ‘Hard to Let’ materials. These illustrations relate to concepts of ‘Home’ and invite the viewer to imagine this property as their own. It also places the services of Southern Housing as ‘home’ providers not ‘housing’ providers. The illustrations along with a defined colour palette for each region created a striking recognisable and bright suite of campaign materials.


The campaign was lively and different from the standard corporate ‘To Let’ property signs, appealing to the over 55’s in a non-patronising way. The association were extremely pleased with the materials, and they received an uptake on visibility and clientele as a result.

This was VERY exciting to flick through...really good, something to now work with!

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