In 2011, I obtained a bachelors degree in graphic design. One of the exams that I took was “web design and development”. I already had some basic programming knowledge, so it wasn’t very difficult, but I remember my colleagues were really frustrated about it, giving up and saying that it was unnecessary for a designer to know how to code.

Well, they couldn’t have been more wrong. I kept studying to help improve my knowledge in web development, and that has subsequently helped me massively during my career, as I have now become a hybrid between a graphic designer and a web developer.

What are the benefits?

The first benefit, and probably the most important for me personally, is that you will probably be able to find a job more as you can apply for two different types of job. Also, during an interview, you will have some bonus skills regardless of the role you are applying for.

As a graphic designer, you will be able to quickly amend a Photoshop file, resize some pictures or create some icons, without relying or waiting for the design team, saving some time (which is crucial for a busy agency full of projects) and improving the general workflow.
You will also have a good eye for detail, being able to understand what does and doesn’t work when presented with a layout that you need to apply code to.

As a web developer, when transforming a layout into code, you will be aware of what can or can’t be coded and achieved in a HTML document, giving immediate feedback to the design team, again, saving time.

Fact or Fiction?

At NU Creative I am a front-end web developer, but with my background as a graphic designer, I sometimes lend an hand to the design team. I can confidently say that as a full service agency, we are able to produce more effective project results compared to a purely digital agency, and here’s why; By having two strongly integrated teams working together, sharing their knowledges and constantly collaborating, the project is constantly improved and refined through an interative design / development process. This helps to produce consistency across all materials (print or digital) due to the processes we’re able to adopt as an integrated design business.