The next instalment of interesting and helpful links this year to make your life easier with a bit of fun and inspiration.


Web Launch checklist

A series of steps should be taken when launching a new website. Thanks to this list you’ll remember about each of them. The steps are grouped into six themes and every line on the list contains a brief description about what should be done. You can also download a DOCX or PDF version.


Colours with descriptions

This site presents the most popular colours complemented by a useful description. You can either explore the colours on their own or check combinations, which can be a great inspiration for creating trendy palettes.


Variable Lorem ipsum

Thinking up content for your project can sometimes be really problematic, especially if the text is meant to be specific and you can’t just use plain Lorem Ipsum. This site will definitely be helpful. It contains a whole series of custom Lorem Ipsum examples like geographic coordinates or IP addresses, all grouped in lists, e.g. Design, Identity or Tech. The bubble speech icon in the bottom right corner lets you start a chat with the website team.


Letter effects & interactions

When typography plays the main role on your website, it’s definitely worth adding some interesting animation effects to it. This page will give you some ideas of playful interactions, all coming with ready to use code.


Speech bubbles

One more thing for web designers. This site presents a couple of simple tooltip shapes and animation ideas. All bubbles have different shapes, mostly made of SVGs and are animated with anime.js. They come with ready to use code.


Font tester

Some fonts may look beautiful on paper, while not as good when displayed online. This simple tool lets you try all Google fonts for your website. You can change text and background colours, font size and weight. Definitely worth trying before launching any website that uses Google fonts.



Data of Thrones

This is something to have a bit of fun. We all love visual charts and infographics, don’t we? Even better if they are associated with one of the most popular series of recent years! Check out this site to expand your knowledge about Game of Thrones.



Typography guide

This site is mostly for web designers. You can go through 10 useful steps, expand your knowledge and get some useful tips about using typography in web design.


100 questions asked by designers

A very interesting list of questions that may be useful to both beginner and experienced designers. These questions are worth asking either the client or yourself and you will find various issues related to business and design process here.