The next instalment of interesting and helpful links this year to make your life easier with a bit of fun and inspiration.


Digital sketchbook

Sketching is something that takes time and can be problematic for some. True, this applies to graphic designers much less frequently, but still not everyone has the time, desire, or worse – the ability to create a decent sketch. In comes Autodraw! This very helpful and easy to use tool is based on our scribbles, suggesting the appropriate figure. You can play with various options, like colour and fill, and add text – all to make your sketches clearer.


Typographic inspiration

If you’re looking for some typographic ideas Fonts In Use gives you a whole bunch of inspiring examples. The site shows various typefaces in use, both online and in printed materials. You can browse by Industries, Formats and Typefaces.



Colour generator

With this simple application, you can create custom colour palettes based on popular methods of selection from the basic colour wheel. After choosing the base, you can change shades, see gradients and hex values. It’s also very useful to see the effects on the sample graphs below the colour wheel.


Pairing Google fonts

 As we all know combining typefaces has never been easy. Fontpair helps designers combine Google fonts together. Under each pair there is also a direct link to download both fonts at the same time!


All formats in one site

This website will make your life so much easier – all sheets’ sizes in one place. From A to C, US to French, business cards to billboards – you can check their measurements in mm, cm, m or inches. There is also a brief description as to how and what they are used for.


Font map

Designers at IDEO wanted to bring artificial intelligence to the world of fonts, so they created Font Map – a quick experiment to see how machine learning can address challenges in design. This interactive map of more than 750 fonts is sorted using artificial intelligence, and discovers new relationships between fonts. You can search for most known fonts and compare them with similar ones.


UX checklist

If you are planning to create a new website you should check this list to make sure everything will run smoothly in terms of UX. You can also find useful links under each task.


Google Fonts search engine

When it comes to choosing the right font, visual categories are usually more exact than terminology. This tool can easily filter and compare Google Fonts based on their visual characteristics.

You can select font families by similarity and can filter the list by adjusting the options on the left.


Having fun & coding

Always wanted to learn how to code, but you never had time or the guides seemed too complicated? Code Cards is just for you! This game teaches you how to code, using a fun approach. While playing, you will be introduced to the basics of coding CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Ruby.