What’s new for designers in 2017? A list of interesting and helpful links to make our lives easier and also to bring a bit of fun and inspiration.


Pattern generator


Take advantage of this helpful pattern generating website and come up with a really unique design.

You can create patterns from the free library available or upload your own elements.

It’s really fun to adjust the elements and colours. Patterns can be saved and downloaded as SVG or PNG files.




Trendy Google font combinations


Combining fonts is not the easiest thing – we all know that.

This site will help you do the job with the most trendy Google fonts in 2017.












Turn your handwriting into a font


In a nutshell, this online tool lets you turn your handwriting into a font in a matter of minutes.

Just download the template, fill it with your handwriting, re-upload and voilà! Your font is ready.

It’s not the way to create a professional font, but can be very useful in a project that needs a custom handwritten one.






Fast facts for designers


A collection of interesting quotes and information, which can expand your knowledge in both the design and art history fields.

The aesthetically nice, clean layout of the site makes these facts even more accessible.







Web gradients base


This site is very useful for web designers. You can find a whole bunch of nice and fresh gradients and use them as content backdrops on your website. Just copy the CSS3 cross-browser code and it’s ready to use.

There is also a PNG version of each gradient available as well as packs for Sketch and Photoshop. Also a great tool for inspiration.




Abstract on Netflix


Abstract is a new Netflix series about the most innovative designers in various industries. It is extremely inspiring and definitely worth getting familiar with. Abstract premiered on Netflix on 10th of February this year.





All devices screen sizes


If you ever wondered what size, resolution or PPI a specific device has, this site has the answers. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac – it gathers all of the info in one simple and aesthetically pleasing table.







Notes browser


Certainly all of us have to note something from time to time.

You can use this site or get the Chrome extension to share notes, ideas and daily tasks.







Typographic encyclopedia


This site is something for typo lovers and enthusiasts. You can use the “search” option or just browse the “explore” or “learn” sections and dig into the site’s very extensive knowledge about typography.