Every developer has their own favourite IDE for developing in, and for the most part it’s a good thing. If everyone liked and used the same environment for developing it wouldn’t encourage innovation and progression in the scene.

I often compare IDE’s to types of cars in my head, for example you wouldn’t use a massive off-road 4×4 for driving around the narrow streets in Italy. So why use a large clunky IDE when making a single file HTML site? Here lies why there is such a variety of IDE’s in the community at the moment – there is an environment for every situation you could find yourself in. Not to say you couldn’t use a single environment for every type of developing you do, I’m sure you could. But why would you? When there is so much choice, often with most being free, there really isn’t the need to limit yourself.

Personally I like using a combination of 3 environments that cover everything I need to do from working on large projects at NU Creative to working on small personal projects at home.

Sublime Text LogoSublime Text

Sublime is probably one of if not the most popular lightweight text editor for developing and for good reason. It’s extremely quick, looks great and has a vast array of functionality. I tend to use this more for smaller projects though that don’t involve many files such as HTML emails or small websites that only have a few pages.


PHPStorm is more of a heavyweight IDE, its main purpose is for web development as the name may suggest. It supports a wide array of web languages such as HTML5, CSS, JS, PHP, SASS, LESS, TypeScript and many others. I tend to use this for larger projects as it’s easier to manage larger projects with features like autocomplete for file name and the ability to directly upload to a predefined server with a simple keybind.

Visual_Studio_2013_LogoVisual Studio

Visual Studio is another heavyweight IDE, this can be used for a very wide range of developing and supports a different set of programming languages than PHPStorm, which is exactly what I use it for. Basically any C language such as C++, C# and .NET. While I don’t need this at work I do use it at home for things such as game development and any University coursework I have had that needed to be done in C# and .NET.

So now you know my favourite environments, why don’t you let us know yours via our social media?