The term “responsive” refers to a web design approach which aims at adapting digital content across a wide range of devices. This ensures an optimal user experience whether they are using a phone, tablet or desktop. 66% of the UK population access the web using a smartphone, so it is vital that your organisation’s website is fully responsive to look good on these devices.

Many companies now have responsive websites, but their marketing emails are often still fixed width. 91% of consumers check their email at least once per day on their smartphones and that 48% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet.


Why emails are not always responsive?

Marketing emails make use of images, colours and layout. They use the same “language” markup (HTML) as webpages to achieve this. Emails are opened in a client (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Mac Mail etc…) which interprets the code to display the email. Unfortunately some clients, like Outlook or the Gmail app (both on iOS and Android), don’t support all of the code features normally used to make responsive content.

Some ‘responsive’ emails are just a shrunken version of their desktop counterpart, which is rarely the best solution. When an email is shrunk on a phone some of the elements will be too small to read or to click on, and that could be frustrating for the user. When using a mobile phone, the user often tends to be in a situation in which he can’t afford to waste time (probably using his phone with one hand) and so it is important the content is correctly sized and easy to read. Because of the technical challenges of creating responsive emails, many companies have not adopted them yet.


Why your organisation needs responsive emails

Is it possible to have a responsive email that works on all clients?

Yes, It’s possible but it is complex given the current state of HTML email technologies. It involves a lot of testing across multiple web browsers and email clients to develop the right approach. By designing the layout with responsive in mind and using some new coding methods you can have a fully responsive email. With the correct techniques it will even work in Outlook and the Gmail mobile app.

Here at NU Creative we’ve been extensively testing custom built email templates on the most popular email clients. We have been exploring how they need to be adapted to work across all email clients. Keep in mind that each email client works differently, and there will be some differences between how a complex email appears on some of them. If some small compromises are made you can have fully responsive HTML emails. Since almost half of all emails are opened on a phone now is the time to start making you emails responsive.

Email campaigns are an essential part of any marketing strategy and here at NuCreative we can help ensure yours are the best they can be. If you’d like to discuss your email marketing with a team that really understands email marketing, the please contact the team today.