December 2023

Supporting children this Christmas with Shelter

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Your fondest Christmas memories are priceless. Yet, for 130,000 children, such memories are just a wish.
The real Christmas challenge

Let's talk about Christmas – not just about the fun stuff but about a pretty serious issue that's easy to overlook during the festive season. Did you know that while we're decorating our trees and wrapping presents, over 131,000 kids in England might be waking up on Christmas Day without a home? That's a massive problem, and it's happening right here, right now.

The harsh reality for many kids

We all love those cosy, warm Christmas memories from our childhood, right? But imagine this: instead of a comfy home, thousands of children are stuck in places like cold shipping containers or cramped rooms that barely feel safe. It's a tough reality – and it's happening to way too many families because there just aren't enough affordable homes.

Standing up to the crisis

So, what are we doing about it? We are putting a spotlight on the homeless charity Shelter.  We believe every kid deserves a safe and warm place, especially during Christmas. And we need your help to make a real difference for these families.

Your donation: A ray of hope

Here's where you come in. Your donations can be a game-changer. They help answer emergency calls from families about to lose their homes, give legal advice to those in tough spots, and fight for everyone's right to secure housing. Imagine turning your good memories into action!

Doubling your impact: matched donations

For every £200 we raise, we can brighten up the lives of two families. Plus, we're matching every donation, so your generosity counts double. It's like giving two gifts at once!

Rewriting Christmas stories

This Christmas, let's do more than just celebrate – let's make a real difference. We can swap out those sad stories of cold and fear for new ones full of warmth and safety. Your support can flip the script for these kids.

Let's make it happen

Join us in this mission. Whether you can give a little or a lot, you're helping build a world where no child wakes up homeless on Christmas morning. Let's spread the true spirit of Christmas – love, warmth, and community – to everyone, especially those who need it most.

Donate Now

Don't wait – click that donate button and let's make some magic happen together. Thanks for being a part of this crucial journey towards a better world for every child.

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