We are the naked design agency.
We are NU.

Got your attention? Good. Our name is the very essence of how we think and work. “NU”, meaning naked in French, embodies our ethos of stripping back the corporate jargon, simplifying the design process and being completely transparent in everything we do.

Quite simply, we’re an onshore agency based in London, set up to support our clients wherever and whenever they need us.

Professional Services

We don’t just help our clients raise their game, we re-invent it. We work with global professional services brands across all sectors, including Legal, Finance, Tax, Audit and Insurance to develop exciting visual identities, winning bids, world-class marketing materials and innovative digital content.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

We’ve been supporting pharmaceutical companies, medical communications agencies and the NHS for more than 15 years. We have a wealth of experience producing creative for both Patients and Healthcare Professionals across print and digital.


We build brands and campaigns for non-profit organisations, from leading charities to local and central government. We strongly believe that world-changing businesses need world-class communications and endeavour to provide this in a cost-effective way.

Project of the month

Our team developed an illustrative comic-book style superhero for a revolutionary new contraceptive tool.

Nuvaring – Superhero Campaign


What we think.

Our incredible team offer their insights into all things creative and digital…

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