Corporate Policies

We take our commitment to our clients, our staff and the world around us very seriously. We recognise that our business values must meet their expectations as well as our own. NU Creative is committed to a corporate social responsibility programme that fits with our values of honesty and transparency and is supported by all of our staff and suppliers. Our CSR policy covers 3 areas:

Our employees – We think that the way we treat our employees and how they treat each other is one of the most important things to creating a happy and harmonious team. We actively promote respect, honesty and collaboration throughout our working environment and in dealing with our clients and suppliers.

We enjoy having a team that actively promotes diversity and equal opportunities and all team members have become a part of NU based purely on the skills and capability that are required for their role. We are committed to continually developing and enhancing each team members skills and capabilities by offering mentoring and training programmes.

Our community and charitable activities – Giving back to communities is very important to us, so we support charities by offering pro bono design and branding work every year.

2016 saw us help to improve the design and branding for the London Fire Brigade’s Welfare Fund Magazine. This is a very worthy cause, helping to raise funds for retired or injured firefighters throughout London.

For 2016 and throughout 2017 we are working with Children’s Hospices across London (CHaL). This is a charity that supports 6 children’s hospices across London that work with life limited and life threatened children. They provide support and services to the children and their families. This is a very small charity that is mostly funded through corporate sponsorship. We are working to refresh their brand, positioning, marketing materials and online presence to improve their visibility and helping with brand and online content strategy, which will in turn help to secure funding on a more regular basis.

Our environment – We actively encourage all team members to be aware of the potential impact that our business has on the environment. We ask all team members to source suppliers and materials responsibly, and take public transport to business meetings wherever possible. In addition, we encourage our team to print less and recycle more.

Below are links to each of our company policies, available to download in PDF format:

Please take and look, and if you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch




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