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Creating a more user-friendly digital experience for Enfield’s finest heritage estate.

The backstory

Forty Hall is a renowned Grade I listed building managed by the London Borough of Enfield. Following a significant investment in 2012, the venue has become a vibrant heritage hub. They now host a variety of cultural, community, and commercial events, ensuring the long-term success of this fantastic local asset.

The problem

The relaunch of the Forty Hall Estate website has been designed to enhance the visitor experience and promote the Estate and its offerings. Recognising the dated look and functionality of the old website, established circa 2012, and the significant challenges presented by COVID-19, a website update was deemed crucial for the overall sustainability of Forty Hall. The primary objectives were to create a visually appealing website that was user-friendly and easy to navigate. The website also aimed to showcase Forty Hall's potential for weddings and other events, maximising its value to the community. Importantly, the refresh sought to maintain the core brand identity while presenting a modern face to the public.

The solution

We developed a website that was sensitive to the heritage and reputation of Forty Hall. We explored a versatile colour palette and elegant typography, while photography immerses visitors in the beauty of the location and its grounds. We created a more intuitive user journey to navigate the website so users could clearly see highlighted and key events happening at Forty Hall and simplified ticket purchasing. The streamlined experience aims to attract new visitors and boost footfall at Forty Hall.

The results

The shift to a modern, image-centric website has transformed how we showcase the venue. Stunning visuals now capture the essence of the space, making it far more appealing to potential hirers. For visitors, the focus translates to a clearer understanding of current and upcoming events, driving increased interest and ultimately, visitor numbers.

Forty hall building
Forty hall tote
Forty hall grounds
Forty hall wedding
Screen view
Flower arrangement Forty hall mugs



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