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Building a bold brand system as exclusive as the fine, hand-crafted luxury Italian interiors from TPI. 

TPI, specialising in high-end residential and commercial interiors, deliver exclusive, Italian-crafted flooring and furniture for the luxury market, worldwide. Since 2018, TPI has rapidly grown, playing a pivotal role in high-profile projects like Nobu Hotel and The Mandarin hotel. From family homes to penthouses in Mayfair and Knightsbridge, TPI's portfolio spans diverse residential endeavours, showcasing a commitment to excellence and sophistication.


Initially equipped with only a logo, TPI approached us with a wealth of industry experience and a desire to establish their distinct identity within the UK market. With a history deeply rooted in the field, they wanted to be recognised in their own right. Our task was to design a website and somewhat of a brand identity, that not only reflected the luxurious and high-end nature of their products and work but also stood out as a unique entity amid competitors. The challenge lay in crafting a digital presence that seamlessly embodied sophistication while also being functional and engaging.


Firstly, we tackled the colour palette. White space communicates purity, sophistication, and simplicity, providing a neutral canvas that enhanced elements like product imagery. This minimalist style is synonymous with luxury. Deep blue adds richness and depth, symbolising stability and timelessness. Brown tones from wood evoke warmth and organic authenticity, connecting the brand with high-quality craftsmanship. Together, this palette exudes a luxurious and exclusive identity.

Emphasising large imagery to showcase TPI's high-end products was a must, creating a visually stunning online environment that highlighted the exquisite details and craftsmanship. This strategic use of visuals enhances the user experience, effectively conveying the luxury and sophistication synonymous with TPI's brand.

To cater to diverse user needs, we implemented a functional navigation system tailored for architects and property owners. Architects, familiar with specific products and project specifications, could swiftly navigate to desired items. On the other hand, property owners seeking a more immersive browsing experience could explore a range of products before reaching out. Additionally, an advanced enquiry form system was devised, enabling users to precisely specify their interest, drilling down from the flooring collection to the desired pattern. This streamlined approach ensured a seamless and personalised interaction with TPI's exquisite offerings.

Another significant aspect of this project was the establishment and enhancement of TPI's social media presence. The solution strategically leveraged social media channels to drive customer engagement, actively directing users to the brand through compelling content.

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The entire design and development process felt bespoke from start to finish, the team at NU Creative listened to our needs and came up with creative ideas to complement our vision. Overall, we are very happy with the final result and to see our concept come to life. The team were great to work with and made the whole journey an enjoyable experience.

Emanuele Testi

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