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Clanwilliam: from invisible leader to a unified, healthcare powerhouse.

Clanwilliam Group was started 25 years ago with a mission to solve challenges for clinicians across Ireland. Today it represents over 20 independent brands operating independently in three separate locations, over six different markets. Traditionally, the Clanwilliam brand was not visible, with each sub brand taking the lead in their different market positions and niche service areas.


Clanwilliam had a renewed vigour to acquire and merge additional brands over the next five years and want more visibility as the parent brand. In order to present the Clanwilliam brand in a public facing role there needed to be a greater clarity in the relationship between Clanwilliam and their family of brands – something that was missing from their current guidelines and communications internally and externally. 

All the brands, specialising in different market sectors within the medical industry, was operating semi-independently and with only regional connections to some other brands within the group. Clanwilliam an invisible parent brand.

Our task was to redefine the relationship between all the brands, focusing on the purpose and values of the Clanwilliam Group rather than sectors and geography. And as a part of this process, bringing Clanwilliam to the forefront to step up and become the over riding purpose, vision and mission.

As part of this work, some existing marketing materials needed to be looked at in order to align with the overarching vision and direction of the company alongside updating the new brand guidelines. Crucially, this document would provide the global marketing team with clear instructions for using the Clanwilliam brand independently and alongside existing product brands for a unified and cohesive application.


Clanwilliam already had a foundation for a powerful brand story. We built upon it, crafting a narrative that resonated with all sub-brands, regardless of location or specialty. We envisioned a "Clanwilliam Universe" – a vibrant ecosystem where diverse brands could connect and thrive. This approach allowed us to tell the Clanwilliam story in multiple ways, fostering connections and uniting them under a shared purpose.

Before diving in, we conducted a deep dive. We reviewed Clanwilliam's identity and sub-brand materials to ensure everything aligned. A key element of this was developing a strong logo lockup system. This system seamlessly integrates the Clanwilliam logo with any sub-brand, creating a clear visual connection and strengthening external communication. We then revamped their brand guidelines for internal clarity and gave their collateral a final polish, ensuring everything reflected their core values and maintained a modern aesthetic.


By subtly refining Clanwilliam's visuals, we crafted a more impactful brand story. Additionally, clear co-branding guidelines empowered each sub-brand to seamlessly integrate with the Clanwilliam identity. This approach achieved two key goals: increased visibility for Clanwilliam and preserved individuality for each sub-brand.

We streamlined the brand architecture, making Clanwilliam's structure clear and fostering a unified presence, resulting in a stronger, more ownable identity that effectively reflects Clanwilliam's cutting-edge approach. They're now positioned to lead the healthcare industry with a powerful, united voice.

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