January 2024

Rebranding as a driving force for good

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January 2024 marks a significant milestone in our evolution as an agency, as we completely relaunch NU. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is just a bit of a brand refresh, but we promise, it’s so much more.

Yes, we have a new visual Identity and website, but this refresh runs much deeper. So, let’s take you through the journey of our rebrand, and start with the all-important question. Why?

How did we get here?

Our journey to this point has been the culmination of 18 months’ work to completely redefine who we are. This wasn't just about simply changing aesthetics; this was about stripping things right back, to look at who we are, and what we stand for.

For a long time, we’ve felt we wanted a purpose beyond the commercial drive of making money. You only have to look at the world around us to know this rock we call home, has been in a state of flux for the past few years. Since the pandemic in 2020, it’s hard not to feel like the needle has moved somewhat, and many people and businesses have, like us, been on some kind of self-reflection journey.

COVID for us, was very much a turning point. But out of something negative, also came something positive; which was the time to carry out this internal counselling and really look at ourselves in the mirror. Alongside the challenges of a global pandemic, were several other influences, including the continued rise of technology and AI in particular, which looms as a constant threat to devalue creative industries, and commoditise design.

What we started to see and feel, was a reduction in the value we could bring to brands as a purely design-led business. Tactical delivery can be executed to world-class levels, but when design becomes more of a commodity which some wish to buy on subscription or by asking Jarvis, their AI friend to do for them - you start to look at your industry a bit differently.

And so, we took NU Creative right back to basics, to really understand what motivated us to get up every day, and redefine what we strive for. Our ultimate goal was to find our core purpose, a purpose that could guide us as a business both now and in the future, whilst firmly instilling the value we want to bring to brands, and putting that back at the heart of our agency.

So, why do we exist?

It’s a tough question we’re more akin to asking our clients than ourselves. Undertaking our own brand strategy was infinitely more difficult than conducting it for others, but after lots of workshops, brainstorming (and coffee!), we landed somewhere that felt most importantly, authentic.

Our mission as an agency is to create brands that transform businesses but also the lives of people and the communities around them. We exist to challenge businesses to think beyond the day to day, craft brands that stand out, inspire, and create positive change.

We see ourselves as;

Problem solvers. Creative thinkers. Change makers.

We passionately believe that together, the brand and strategy mix is something beautiful, because it’s where change happens.

And with change, we can build better brands.

Collaboration at the heart of what we do

Collaboration is the key to creativity, and it was central to our rebrand. We involved our entire team, from designers to strategists, in brainstorming sessions, ensuring that every voice was heard. But we didn't stop there. Client feedback played a pivotal role, providing us with invaluable insights into how our brand was perceived. This collaborative spirit ensured that our new brand identity wasn't just a reflection of us, but also of the communities and people we serve.

“We work in a collaborative and inclusive way both with our clients and our team. This promotes an open forum for innovative thinking. We are naturally inquisitive as an agency and always inspire people we work with to think differently. We are incredibly passionate about what we can achieve together.”

Tim, CEO, Co-Founder

Our future is B-Corp

Having a positive impact on people and the planet

Our rebrand has been an opportunity to further embed sustainable practices into our work as we strive to become a B-Corp. From green hosting and web design to carbon reducing office practices, we’re committed to ensuring our brand's environmental impact is getting smaller. This commitment to better environment practice is not just about doing good; it's about leading by example and showing that good design practices and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

Our new website leads with a new dark mode which is a first for our brand. White light uses more energy so combined with a reduction in the size of our pages to an average 0.15g of CO2 our site is now lighter than 85% of websites and is hosted on a ‘green’ server, which uses only 100% renewable energy.

You can follow our journey to becoming a B Corp, where we’ll be making regular posts and updates throughout 2024.

A bold identity

Our new brand identity is a celebration of our creative and unconventional thinking. The fresh colour palette, bold typography, and striking icons are a visual manifestation of our beliefs. Each colour, typeface and icon, has been chosen to reflect our dynamic, forward-thinking nature. They symbolise our commitment to pushing boundaries, challenging the norm and making change happen.

Our new website

Every feature, from interactive elements and animations, to the user-friendly layout, has been created with our brand-led approach. The website has been designed to provide an engaging user experience, reflecting our commitment to creating solutions that are not only visually stunning but also strategically strong and effective.

Being brand-led is what produces the very best work across all channels. This means that we are fuelled by research, problem-solving and creative thinking. We believe that valuable insights empower us to make better decisions, tackling complex challenges to deliver brand solutions that increase the value and position of our clients’ brand equity and allow them to stand apart from their competitors.


The power of unconventional thinking

Our new branding is a testament to the power of unconventional thinking. It challenges the norms and sets a new standard in creative excellence. This approach is evident in our recent projects, where we've pushed the envelope, delivering solutions that are not just outside the box but redefine the box itself. Our commitment to this kind of thinking is what sets us apart and drives us forward. If you want to resonate with the right audience, it’s vital that you tell a powerful story.

Looking forward

This rebrand is more than a change in visuals; it's a reaffirmation of our commitment to our clients. It represents new opportunities, fresh perspectives, and an even greater dedication to making change happen. Our clients can expect the same level of creativity, with more strategic thinking and a commitment to be a driving force for good, all under a bold new banner that represents the very best of what we can achieve together.

So please explore our new website and immerse yourself in our new brand. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

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