February 2024

Using motion design to set your brand apart

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Did you know that using motion design can increase your brand's social media engagement by up to 48%? And animated logos increase brand recognition by up to 15%? Now those are some stats that demand attention, right?

So if you are struggling to get noticed in the digital chaos, just know that you're not alone. We all know that the digital sphere is incredibly saturated right now, and standing out is tougher than ever.

But what if we were to tell you that the key to differentiation wasn't just what your brand says, but how it moves? Motion design is the answer…

Are you blending in instead of standing out?

The modern digital marketplace is crowded and continuously buzzing. And let’s face it, static visuals and blocks of text are being drowned out by bolder and louder brands. This tells us that merely existing is not enough to get noticed; you need to do more to grab attention and engage your audience.

So here’s the challenge; how do you stand out in a landscape saturated with messages vying for the same fleeting moments of user attention? We know that users are now overwhelmed by the volume of content, and are often scroll through without engaging, their attention untouched by the countless marketing messages that flood their screens.

Well, it’s time to embrace motion design.

Motion design is not just an aesthetic choice; it's a strategic move for compelling storytelling and engaging visuals that can slice through the digital noise. It's all about transforming your brand's presence from a passive display into an active, engaging narrative that demands attention and interaction.

If your brand feels lost in the vast digital space, it’s struggling to differentiate itself in a sea of competitors, it's time for a change.

It's time to leverage the power of motion—through animation, video, and interactive elements—to elevate your message, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression.

The benefits of motion branding

Motion branding, it’s not just cool; it’s your brand's secret handshake with the world.

Here’s why motion branding is a great marketing and branding tool:

  • Make them remember you: Imagine your brand's logo not just being seen but experienced. That's the power of animation. It etches your brand into memory, making it more likely to pop up in consumer minds long after they've seen it.

  • Engagement that sticks: Moving beyond static visuals to embrace motion means your content isn't just passing by; it's making an impression. Animation and video have a knack for drawing people in and, more importantly, keeping them engaged.

  • Connecting on a much deeper level: Motion branding does more than catch the eye—it touches the heart. A well-created animation can create a stronger emotional connection with your audience, turning casual viewers into loyal fans.

  • Uniformity across channels: With motion branding, your identity remains fluid but consistent across all digital touchpoints. Whether it’s on your site, across social media, or within ads, motion ensures your brand is instantly recognisable.

  • Enhancing user experience: Animation isn’t just for show; it guides and enhances the user experience. Smooth, intuitive animations make navigating your digital world not just easy but enjoyable.

  • Distinctive identity: With so much competition, motion sets you apart. It's your brand's unique voice in a visual form, ensuring you stand out.

  • Adaptable across platforms: Motion graphics are incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly into various aspects of your marketing strategy, from social media to presentations.

Incorporating motion into your brand is a smart choice to ensuring you stand out in today’s digital landscape. Afterall, it's about making your brand not just seen, but felt and remembered.

Here’s how we use motion branding at NU

We love motion design, and really believe in the power of using it for your branding. So, here are some case studies where it has been used to transform the brands we work with.

Advance Consultancy

Advance Consultancy was getting lost in the masses of consultancy firms. They needed something to really shout their "Support and Challenge" motto from the rooftops. That’s where we came in - giving their brand a motion makeover.

We transformed those once-static brand elements into something that moves, engages, and tells a story. And boy, did it work wonders. Page views jumped by 338%, new faces on their website went up by 504%, and social media traffic skyrocketed by 746%.

Revamping Advance Consultancy’s look with motion design wasn’t just about making things look pretty; it was about making their brand pop, resonate, and stick with their audience. This move to motion not only got them noticed but deeply connected with their audience, proving that a little motion can go a long way in standing out in the digital crowd.


Selfhood wasn't just another brand on the block; they had a vision—to celebrate every shade of human expression. And they needed a visual identity that didn’t just say it. but showed it loud and proud. Which is why we introduced bold shapes, vibrant patterns, and a colour palette that screams "everyone’s invited."

We didn’t just design a logo, but instead crafted a visual anthem for diversity and inclusivity. The logo is a kaleidoscope of human connection, embodying Selfhoods’ mission to champion a world rich in diversity, equal for all.

Their website became a bustling hub, with traffic jumping over 50%. It was clear—when you put a visual story out there that resonates, people don’t just notice; they flock.

Selfhood’s new identity was way more than just a look; it was a statement that echoed their values, drawing people in and spreading the vibe of inclusivity far and wide.

The Futureneers

The Futureneers weren't about blending in—they were set on standing out. They needed a brand identity that echoed this bold stance.

We got creative and designed a visual identity that dared to be different. Patterns that defied the conventional became our canvas, setting The Futureneers apart.

The real game-changer was bringing those designs to life with motion. We created animations and motion graphics that moved with purpose, making The Futureneers' message resonate across social media. This dynamic approach didn't just attract attention; it sparked engagement, transforming how The Futureneers were seen in the digital landscape.

The outcome was transformative. With their new, motion-infused identity, The Futureneers not only increased engagement but also elevated their discussions with major organisations, marking them as true innovators. This wasn't just a rebrand; it was a revolution in how they were perceived, proving the power of motion to make a brand not just seen, but remembered and respected.

What makes motion design so powerful?

We view motion design as a critical element in modern branding and storytelling. It combines storytelling, colour psychology, and advanced technology to transform static visuals into engaging narratives. Here’s how:

  • Effective storytelling: Motion design allows us to bring your brand’s story to life. By using strategic animations and transitions, we can express your brand's journey, values, and goals in a dynamic way that static images simply cannot achieve. This method of storytelling captures attention and immerses viewers, ensuring your message is not only seen but also experienced.

  • The role of colour: Colour is a powerful tool in motion design, influencing emotions and guiding viewer attention. Through the careful application of colour theory, our motion designers highlight important messages and enhance the narrative's impact, adding depth to the storytelling process.

  • Leveraging technology: The creation of motion design is made possible through sophisticated software like Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. These tools allow our designers to produce a range of animations, from straightforward to complex, turning conceptual ideas into compelling visual stories.

Ready to make your move?

If your brand is lost in the digital shuffle, it's time for a change. It's time to move. With NU Creative, your brand's transition to motion will be seamless, impactful, and most importantly, memorable.

Let's not just tell your brand's story; let's animate it. Let's make your brand not just visible, but unforgettable. Are you ready to set your brand in motion and stand out? Let’s chat.

Together, we can make your brand the one that doesn’t just show up but shows off.

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