January 2023

What is BeReal? And should brands be using it?

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We need to talk about the social media platform that’s making a big noise right now, BeReal. The fact that it’s been downloaded over 73 million times worldwide definitely makes it one to watch. In fact, it was even the number 1 free app on the IOS App Store last July.

So, what is this new social channel, and more importantly, should your business be on it?

In this article, we are going to explain what it is, how brands are using it to their advantage and why being authentic on social media platforms (and even as a brand) is the future. 

But first, what exactly is it?

With over 10 million daily users, this platform allows users to capture what they’re doing in real-time. It works by sending a message to its users once randomly during the day, and then you have 2 minutes to capture and post a real-time image. No filters, no videos, just real life. The fact that you have to act so quickly means that there is no time for overthinking; it’s all about capturing an authentic moment. It also only lets you interact with your friends if you post, so it encourages everyone to get involved.

How are brands using it?

It’s easy to write off new social platforms as a fad, but BeReal is really making its mark on the social sphere. It has even caught the attention of Instagram and Tik Tok, with the brands launching ‘Candid Stories’ & ‘TikTok Now’ as new features. And it’s clear that BeReal was the inspiration behind it. But with no ads and no time for lengthy editing or sign-off processes, you must be wondering what place this social channel has for your business. 

Here are two brands using BeReal to showcase their unfiltered and authentic selves.


Images were taken from Chipotle's BeReal account

Chipotle was one of the first brands to get on board with BeReal and has been growing a close community over the last year. They use a range of discount codes and announce events as well as competitions to win burritos for a year. 


Images were taken from Kiehl’s BeReal account

Kiehl’s has used BeReal to give its customers an insight into the life behind the brand. Adopting a brand mascot, ‘Mr Bones’, to add some creativity.

Ways your business can use it

Customers are looking for authenticity in brands more than ever. So BeReal is a great way to connect with your community in a real and honest way. Here are some savvy ways you can incorporate BeReal into your business.

Behind-the-scenes posts

Show your customers what happens behind the scenes. This can be anything from meetings, office life, events, photoshoots, and sneak peeks. This helps your customers get to know you and build a rapport with your brand. 

Build a Gen-Z community

More and more consumers, particularly Gen Z, are opting to use more authentic community platforms like Discord and Twitch rather than timeline-driven apps like Instagram and Twitter. 

Champion authenticity

BeReal is all about truth and integrity. It’s even been labelled an ‘anti-Instagram.’ As more consumers become aware of the potential mental health issues surrounding highly edited and curated social imagery, it’s great to see an app that is as raw as it gets—for example, showing the less-than-glamorous side of a business and advocating the true reality. 

Show that you’re relatable and on-trend

There has been a shift in consumer attitudes, and people are becoming tired of the constant flashy or staged products and services and are craving something relatable. Brands that understand what their customers want and are on the platforms they enjoy give a level of authenticity that people will respond to.

With so many apps launching daily, it’s hard for them to create a big buzz. But with the authenticity, BeReal offers, it’s made people take note. Whilst authenticity in social media is not a new concept, in fact, it’s a phrase that’s been around for some time, with brands posting raw and unfiltered pictures. This is more of an extension of that but in a new and refreshing way.
Even if BeReal isn’t the platform for your business right now, the takeaway is that more and more people are looking for authentic and raw connections with brands. So, posting videos and behind-the-scenes, meet-the-team, unedited product shots helps make you relatable and strengthens your brand community.

Of course, there will always be a need for those curated beautiful shots, but incorporating the personality and people behind the brand is sure to open up your company to new markets as well as create a loyal community for your brand. 

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