April 2020

Designing Wunderdog – the feel-good magazine for rescue dog lovers

2 minutes

Wunderdog Issue 2 has landed! This quarter focusses on fearless females who couldn’t turn a blind eye to the suffering of dogs while going to great lengths to try and make a difference. We are proud to continue as Art Directors, working with the Editor Nina on such an inspirational magazine.

We continued to work with some fantastic photographers and illustrators. We featured  more illustration this time which has added a whimsical balance throughout. Illustration works well in articles where images can’t correctly convey the message of the content – the piece on cannabis oil for dogs is a great example of this. We worked with illustrator Michael K Chapman to create visuals which were tongue-in-cheek and playfully explained an unusual topic.

Photographic spreads were kept clean and allowed the story to play out visually in each article. One of our personal favourites is the piece on Skiary in Scotland, a technology-free oasis in Scotland where dogs (and people) can roam free and unplug from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. The photography was supplied by Emily Macinnes and there was strong narrative feeling in the shots taken which worked exceptionally well with the piece.

Much like the slower pace of life in Skiary, we can’t help but think that this lockdown affords an opportunity of quiet reflection and contemplation. Independent magazines such as Wunderdog, which champion rescue dogs and charities, are deserving of support and rely on the power of people to survive. Reading is good for the soul and we’re sure many of us are finding that we have a bit more time on our hands for relaxing pursuits.

If you are a dog-lover, we most certainly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of Wunderdog. In each issue, there are stories of bravery, hope and triumph which are heartwarming; inspirational charities and useful advice pieces which offer guidance on good dog care. A bonus is the fabulous design of course, along with the contributions of talented photographers and illustrators.

Stay safe and love dogs!

If you haven’t already, please check out our case study on issue 1.

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